Editor's Choice Awards - 2007 Winner
Among the hundreds of products reviewed and tested by Pet Product News, AquaTerra backgrounds are the proud winner of the Editor's Choice Award, Product of the Year 2007.

AquaTerra 3D Aquarium Backgrounds and Modular Rocks

Have you ever dreamed of creating a biotope so realistic looking that people won´t believe their eyes?

With AquaTerra´s 3D aquarium backgrounds and Modular Rocks your dream will come true.

Since the mid 90´s Europeans have enjoyed these natural looking habitats, and now you have the opportunity to enjoy them as well.

Whether you want to mimic an Amazon River or African lake for your fish, a desert look or rainforest for your reptiles or amphibians, now you can do it.

Check out this excellent installation video made by UaruJoey


The AquaTerra product line has been developed with the help of herpetologists, aquarium curators, exhibit designers and hobbyists, to design a naturalistic looking, durable, and practical background that can be suitable to many applications.

Malawi Rock
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